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How to Make DJ Mixes for YouTube with Photoshop

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If you already use Photoshop for graphics, it makes sense to also use it for creating video versions of DJ mixtapes. Photoshop provides all the video editing capabilities you need for creating a basic video with music and on ore more images.
This video does NOT contain any professional legal advice. All commentary is based on my own experience.
00:00 Intro
00:31 Why Put DJ Mixes on YouTube?
01:22 Will YouTube Give My Channel Copyright Strikes?
03:48 Why create videos with Photoshop?
04:28 Collect & Create Assets
05:42 Set up Photoshop for Editing Video
08:32 Add Music & Images to Photoshop
12:06 Export Video in Photoshop
13:18 Upload to YouTube
20:05 Free Cheat Sheet for DJ Mixtapes

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Tony Fuel is a Minnesota-based house music producer. He also helps house music artists with productivity and music entrepreneurship.

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