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Is Point Blank Music School Worth It?

In June 2021 I completed a 12-week mixing (audio, not DJ-ing) course with Point Blank, and it was a good experience. I initially decided to take the course because for months I felt like I had reached a plateau in my skills, and I wanted to improve. We should always be striving to improve our skills, and we don't know what we don't know. I felt like my mixing skills are where I needed the most improvement.

Overall, the course has helped me in a few ways:

  • Taking a Point Blank course has boosted my confidence, because I received a lot of great feedback from my instructor; that feedback helped me to see that I was already doing a lot of things "right".

  • I'm much more aware now of techniques that can be used to help mixes sound better, and I've started to look at the techniques I was already using in a new way.

  • Taking a class gave me a structured environment for learning.

  • I have a much better idea of concepts I'd like to study in more depth on my own. I have a plan to study a different mixing topic each month (compression, reverb, delay).

I'd say that the most valuable part of the course was the instructor feedback. It was really cool that I could have someone outside of my current sphere of influence —and whose full-time job is mixing— listen to my tracks and give me tips on what I could do to improve the mix.


Other Lessons Learned

  • One thing I wasn't prepared for was the actual amount of time that I would need to spend to make the most out of the class. I had other commitments and deadlines that I had made prior to taking the course, so I wasn't able to devote the 10-12 hours per week that I should have. 12 weeks goes by really fast!

  • Most of the people attending the course didn't seem too interested in networking, so if that's something important to you, I wouldn't necessarily expect to get that from every course. But the class member dynamic of each course might be different.

  • The final project instructions were given at the beginning of the course, and I should have been working on my mix throughout the duration of the course rather than waiting on until the last minute to complete it.

Final thought: Point Blank is worth it if you have the budget. It helps provide a clear path for learning more deeply about music production compared with searching for random video topics.

About the author

Tony Fuel Home

From Las Vegas to Seattle to his current home in Minneapolis, Tony Fuel has been making a splash in the global house music community with his unique blend of jazz-, soul-, and funk-, and disco-influenced house music. He carefully curates a sound to include those influences while paying deep respect to the greats who came before him. Tony Fuel studies styles from the catalogs of record labels such as Large Music, Defected Records, Om Records, Plastik People, and others.

As house music has evolved over the years, Tony Fuel remained enamored of the unifying effect the timeless sound of house music has on crowds. The genre's core tenets of inclusivity, love, and unity continuously inspires Tony Fuel to make music that mirrors his sonic biography: house at its core, with authentic grooves.

Tony Fuel's talents have been validated by several placements on TraxSource curated charts, and several of his tracks have appeared on Traxsource Top 100 genre charts and a host of charts from peers. He even opened a show for Farley "Jackmaster" Funk in 2019, winning over the crowd with his infectious stylings. Another of Tony's recent highlights include co-hosting an event that headlined JT Donaldson.

While London, Chicago, Miami, and New York may have more notoriety as house music-friendly cities, the scene in Minneapolis has been steady over the years. Tony Fuel is proud to have established his own Studio Deep party series, featuring stellar local and global producer talents in a sophisticated lounge environment. Through Studio Deep, Tony has been able to contribute to the Minneapolis scene by featuring artists such as Jeff Swiff, Chuck Love, Fourfeet, Rissa Garcia, Victor Lowdown, and SMHRS.

2020 promises to be a big year for Tony Fuel, with recent and forthcoming releases on Pogo House Records and Delve Deeper Recordings. recent remixes of Demarkus Lewis' track "Past Due" and Martin Depp's "Feeling Love" on Bubble 'N' Twist Records. Also, be on the lookout for new Tony Fuel tracks to be released on Delve Deeper Recordings and Pogo House Records summer 2020.

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