Becka Ward: Thriving as a House Music Vocalist, Tips for Singers, Ep. 21


Becka Ward, a house music vocalist, shares her journey and experiences in the music industry. She talks about her early exposure to house music and her desire to become a singer from a young age. Becka discusses her process of writing lyrics and working with producers, emphasizing the importance of trust and collaboration. She also mentions her interest in exploring other genres, such as R&B and hip hop. Becka shares her thoughts on performing live and the balance between her music career and family life. She concludes with advice for working with producers, including establishing clear expectations and communication. Becka discusses the importance of contracts in the music industry and shares her positive experiences with labels that provide contracts and artwork promptly. She advises aspiring singers to get to know house music and its producers, explore different genres, and trust their own instincts when choosing tracks to work on. Becka emphasizes the importance of vocal technique and understanding equipment in the studio. She also talks about her influences in the music industry and the need for more women producers. Becka highlights the spiritual and liberating nature of house music and the joy of performing live. She shares upcoming projects and invites listeners to connect with her on social media.


  • Becka Ward has been singing house music for many years and was introduced to it by her brother.

  • She prefers to write her own lyrics and work with producers who trust her creative vision.

  • Becka is interested in exploring other genres, such as R&B and hip hop.

  • She enjoys performing live and collaborating with DJs.

  • Balancing her music career with family life can be challenging but rewarding.

  • Establishing clear expectations and communication is important when working with producers. Contracts provide peace of mind and protect artists in the music industry.

  • Getting to know house music and its producers is essential for aspiring singers.

  • Exploring different genres and pushing oneself creatively is important for vocalists.

  • Vocal technique and understanding studio equipment are vital for recording artists.

  • There is a need for more women producers in the music industry.

  • House music is a spiritual and liberating genre that connects people and allows them to let go.

  • Becka has upcoming releases and is open to collaborations and vocal lessons.

  • Listeners can connect with Becka on social media to learn more about her work.