Gain Clarity. Make more music.

Free Release Roadmap Tool

As a busy parent, partner, and professional who loves to make music…

It can be challenging to find time for music production. Not to mention… also making time for sending demos, and promoting the release (or co-promoting with a label). There are so many tasks to keep track of. All of it can seem overwhelming and lead to burnout.

Over the past several years of releasing music, I have made the mistake of trying to do too much without having checklists and systems to manage all the things. But through trial and error I’ve gotten a lot better at this. In my corporate career, I’ve helped many teams to systematize and automate business processes. I’ve applied those skills to my music production. This has brought me a lot of clarity and saved me a lot of time and frustration.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned over the years and created a “Release Roadmap” that breaks down a release into four milestones:

    1. Produce tracks

    2. Submit Demos

    3. Manage Release Business

    4. Promote the Release

Each milestone contains a set of starter checklists and suggestions for information to track.

    • The “Produce Tracks” section has several mini checklists – one for each major stage of the music  production process (Composing, Arranging, Sound Design, Mixing, etc.).

    • The “Submit Demos” section includes steps for submissions and following up with labels.

    • The “Manage Release Business” milestone is about helping you take care of legal and business concerns.

    • The “Promote the Release” milestone gives you ideas for growing an audience.

You’ll also get some examples of how I have set up my systems using free software.

Ultimately, you will have a clear path of the tasks to complete to make the most of your release. 

The next step is to Download the Music Release Roadmap. Just let me know where to send it.

Using the roadmap will give you clarity and save you time so that you can spend more time on making music. By making it your own you’ll free up headspace for the creative side of music production.

A lot of producers get weighed down by “all the things” to the point that they end up making less music or quitting altogether. My goal is for this roadmap to help prevent burnout and overwhelm.

I wish you the best with this roadmap. Your music matters.