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Jon Manley: 9 Years of House Music on d3ep Radio Network, Ep. 3

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In this podcast episode, Tony Fuel interviews Jon Manley, host of the Houseworx radio show on D3ep Radio Network. They discuss Jon's journey into house music, the importance of community in the music scene, and the challenges of balancing work, family, and the radio show. Jon shares his love for house and garage music and talks about the genesis of He also offers advice for up-and-coming DJs and discusses the changing landscape of music.



House music provides a sense of community and support for both listeners and DJs.

Balancing work, family, and a radio show requires good time management and a love for the music.

Finding new tracks can be overwhelming, but platforms like Traxsource and Bandcamp can help curate and discover quality music.

A good track is one that evokes emotion and has elements like a catchy vocal hook, uplifting melodies, and a solid bassline.

The future of and the Houseworx radio show looks promising, with plans for more guest mixes and potential live events.


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Tony Fuel is a Minnesota-based house music producer. He also helps house music artists with productivity and music entrepreneurship.

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