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SEN-SEI: Playing Live Keyboards to Enhance DJ Sets - Ep. 7

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Episode Summary

SEN-SEI, a house music artist, discusses his background, the San Francisco house music scene, the decline of clubs, and the changing music landscape. He emphasizes the importance of finding and educating people about house music and the need for artists to make a profit to sustain their art. SEN-SEI also shares his unique live performance style and the influence of his musical background, including classical and jazz. He encourages artists to stay true to themselves and their passion, regardless of the ups and downs of the industry. In this conversation, SEN-SEI discusses the importance of collaborations in the music industry and how they can lead to more frequent and faster success. He also shares his excitement about upcoming projects, including two tracks that will be submitted to a major label. SEN-SEI highlights the talented artists he has collaborated with and the quality of the music they have created together. He concludes with a reminder to do what you love and create music that evokes emotions, rather than following a formula.



Find and support venues and events that prioritize quality music and create a community of like-minded individuals.

Artists should strive to make a profit to sustain their art and continue creating.

Live performances can offer a unique and immersive experience for both the artist and the audience.

A diverse musical background can shape an artist's sound and style.

Stay true to your passion and create music that you love, regardless of the ups and downs of the industry. Collaborations can lead to faster and more frequent success in the music industry.

Upcoming projects can generate excitement and anticipation.

Working with talented producers can result in high-quality music.

Do what you love and create music that evokes emotions.

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Tony Fuel is a Minnesota-based house music producer. He also helps house music artists with productivity and music entrepreneurship.

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