Col Lawton: Making a Lot of Music and Keeping a Positive Attitude, Ep. 19

Interview with Col Lawton.

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In this conversation, Tony Fuel interviews Col Lawton, a DJ and producer based in the UK. Col shares his background in music and how he got started in DJing and producing. He discusses his workflow and approach to making tracks, as well as his collaborations with other artists. Col also talks about balancing his music career with his day job and family life. He shares the challenges he has faced as an artist and the importance of staying positive. Col reflects on his love for house music and how it has influenced his musical style. He also discusses the role of music in his life as a source of healing and self-expression. In this conversation, Col Lawton discusses his journey as a music producer and label owner. He shares how music has been a way for him to express his emotions and connect with others. Col also talks about the importance of understanding the meaning behind the music and collaborating with talented lyricists. He explains how he and Wes started their label, DeepFix, with the goal of helping new producers and providing guidance. Col highlights the challenges of running a label and the importance of proper payment and administration. He also discusses the Deep Fix Radio Show and live streams, as well as upcoming projects and collaborations. Col’s central message is to focus on making music in your own way and to reach out for help and support when needed.


Music can be a powerful tool for expressing emotions and connecting with others.

Understanding the meaning behind the music and collaborating with talented lyricists can enhance the creative process.

Running a label comes with challenges, including administrative tasks and ensuring proper payment to artists.

Live streams and radio shows can be effective platforms for promoting music and connecting with listeners.

It’s important to focus on making music in your own way and to reach out for help and support when needed.


0:00:00 Episode Intro

0:00:19 Col Lawton Introduction and Background

00:03:06 Starting in Music and Exploring Different Genres

00:06:17 Workflow and Collaboration

00:09:21 Balancing Work, Family, and Music

00:13:18 Challenges as an Artist

00:16:24 Discovering House Music and Musical Influences

00:20:09 Music as a Source of Healing and Expression

00:21:38 Expressing Emotions Through Music

00:22:19 The Meaning Behind the Music

00:23:06 Collaborating with Lyricists

00:24:33 Starting a Label

00:26:34 Running a Label and the Challenges

00:28:01 The Upside of Running a Label

00:29:00 DeepFix Radio Show and Live Streams

00:30:30 Taking the Show on the Road

00:33:06 Upcoming Projects and Collaborations

00:35:45 Advice for Artists and the Central Message

00:39:14 Reaching Out for Help and Support