True2Life’s 411


Richard Pring, also known as True to Life, discusses his journey as a producer in the house music industry. He started with soulful and funky house before transitioning to garage house. Richard emphasizes the importance of vocals in garage house and believes that the genre could benefit from more songs. He shares his process of creating chord progressions and the use of AI in music production. Richard reflects on the ebbs and flows of the garage house scene and discusses his motivation for producing music. He highlights his strengths in creating chords and key solos. In this conversation, Rich True2life discusses his approach to collaborating with other producers and the importance of outsourcing mixing to professionals. He shares how house music has helped him navigate through difficult periods in his life and find clarity in chaos. Rich emphasizes the sense of community in the house music scene and the support he receives from other producers. He also talks about his influences in house music and his excitement for upcoming projects. Rich shares his philosophy of enjoying the music production process and finding time for it in his schedule.


Garage house could benefit from more songs and vocals.

Creating chord progressions is an important part of producing garage house.

AI can be a useful tool in music production, but it is unlikely to replace the creativity and connection of human musicians.

The garage house scene has seen cycles of popularity, but the core sound has remained consistent.

Motivation for producing music comes from the love of the creative process and the satisfaction of creating something original.

Strengths as a producer include creating chords and key solos. Outsourcing mixing allows producers to focus on their strengths and ensure professional quality.

House music can serve as a therapeutic outlet and help individuals navigate through difficult periods in their lives.

The house music community provides a sense of support and collaboration, both in-person and online.

Finding time for music production requires flexibility and prioritization.

Enjoying the process of music production is essential for long-term motivation and fulfillment.