Not a Disco

Episode Summary

In this conversation, Tony Fuel and Matt (DJ Passion) discuss their backgrounds in the music scene and their experiences in different countries. They talk about the challenges of working in music full-time and the importance of having entrepreneurial skills. They also discuss the differences in the music scenes in Singapore, Hong Kong, and the UK. Matt shares his future plans and involvement in the Not A Disco collective. They also touch on the unpredictability of music success and the importance of having a consistent workflow in music production. In this conversation, Matt, also known as DJ Passion, discusses his workflow and organization techniques in music production. He emphasizes the use of templates and presets to save time and mental energy. Matt also shares his approach to starting tracks with drums and vocal hooks, using MIDI for keys and melodies, and getting feedback on his mixes. He talks about the importance of reference tracks and outsourcing mastering. Additionally, he discusses the Asian house music scene and the dominance of techno in the region.


Using templates and presets can save time and mental energy in music production.

Starting tracks with drums and vocal hooks can provide a solid foundation for building melodies and chords.

MIDI is a valuable tool for correcting and experimenting with musical parts.

Getting feedback from objective listeners can help improve the quality of a mix.

Using reference tracks can provide a target to work towards in terms of sound quality.

Outsourcing mastering can be beneficial for achieving a professional sound.

The Asian house music scene is relatively small, with a focus on techno rather than other subgenres.

Techno producers are more prevalent in Asia compared to other genres of electronic music.