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In this conversation, Steve Mort (aka Chico Flash) and I discuss Steve’s background in the garage and house music scene, particularly in London and the United States. Steve shares his experiences as a DJ and the vibrant nightclub scene in London during the 90s. Chico also talks about his journey into music production and the motivation behind starting his own record label. He highlights the importance of finding unique and interesting music for the label and the challenges of running a label in the digital age. In this conversation, Chico Flash discusses the challenges of running a label and the responsibility he feels towards the artists he signs. He also talks about the difficulty of standing out from the noise in the music industry and the impact of genre categorization on the visibility of music. Chico Flash reflects on the declining sales in the genre and the changing music landscape, including the rise of streaming. He emphasizes the importance of consistency in building an audience and discusses the role of his radio show in staying relevant. Chico Flash also shares his upcoming projects and collaborations, as well as his thoughts on the influence of EDM and the need for innovation in the garage house scene.


The garage and house music scene in London during the 90s was a vibrant and influential period.

The UK garage scene had a unique sound influenced by US garage and house music.

Chico Flash started producing music due to the accessibility of music production software and the desire to create his own tracks.

Running a record label requires time, dedication, and a passion for promoting unique and interesting music.

The digital music landscape has made it easier for artists to release music, but it has also led to saturation and challenges in standing out. Running a label requires hard work and a sense of responsibility towards the artists signed.

Standing out from the noise in the music industry is a challenge, especially with the abundance of music available.

Genre categorization can both help and hinder the visibility of music.

The music industry is constantly evolving, and sales may decline due to various factors.

Consistency is key in building an audience and staying relevant.

Radio shows can be a valuable platform for promoting music and connecting with listeners.

Collaborations and upcoming projects are exciting opportunities for growth and exploration.

EDM has its own appeal and success, and it’s important to recognize the achievements of artists in different genres.

Innovation and pushing the boundaries of the garage house scene are important for its growth and development.