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Episode Summary

In this conversation, Tony Fuel and Jackman Jones discuss Jackman’s journey in the house music scene, his disillusionment with mainstream music, and his success as a DJ and producer. He shares his experience traveling in the UK and the diverse music scene there. Jackman also talks about his mixtapes and the factors that influence him to change directions. Finally, he discusses hosting events and how the pandemic has affected his perspective on in-person events. In this conversation, Jack Van Jones discusses his experiences navigating events during the pandemic and the importance of in-person interactions. He shares how the pandemic impacted people’s lives and the appreciation for live experiences. Jack Van Jones also talks about his passion for DJing and producing music, and the upcoming projects he is excited about. He emphasizes the importance of community and collaboration in the house music scene. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the future of house music and the need to support and uplift each other in the industry.


Success in the music industry is defined by personal fulfillment and the ability to connect with listeners.

The house music scene in the UK is diverse and vibrant, with a strong focus on authenticity and pushing boundaries.

Taking risks and being true to oneself can lead to success and recognition in the music industry.

Mixtapes and mix series provide opportunities for DJs to explore different genres and showcase their unique style.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of in-person events and the desire to create memorable experiences for attendees.