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In this conversation hosted by Tony Fuel, Graham (Knox) discusses his journey in the music industry, from his early beginnings as a DJ and producer to his current success. Knox shares his experiences of meeting influential figures in the industry and the impact they had on his career. Graham emphasizes the importance of mentoring and the value of having someone guide and teach you. He also talks about the challenges of releasing music on different labels and the satisfaction of starting his own label, KHM. Graham concludes by expressing his excitement for the future and his commitment to helping other artists. In this conversation, Tony Fuel and Graham discuss the impact of social media on audience growth, the importance of community and radio shows, the challenges of balancing DJing, production, and content creation, the competition and evolution of dance music, the thriving underground house music scene, the challenges of playing out and future plans, dream gigs, and where to find more about Knox. They emphasize the importance of persistence and longevity in the music industry.