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A Quick Guide to Having More Time for House Music Production

without sacrificing time for your family and day job.

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Parent, partner, professional, and house music producer

You love producing music, and you feel so alive when you are creating the kind of music you really want to make. You're also great at your job and an amazing parent and spouse.

No time to make music

But there is never enough time for music between the karate classes, piano recitals, date nights, and work deadlines. Those are all great things that you love showing up for, but they don't light you up the same way producing house music does. There is no shortage of good ideas percolating around your brain, but sometimes that's where the music has to stay for weeks or months due to your responsibilities.

Maybe you already have a cadence in your life that works for making music regularly. You want to share the tracks and connect with a larger house music community through your music. But releasing your tracks and doing all the social media to build an audience community also takes more time than you have.

Is it possible to have more time?

As a father, partner, professional, and part-time producer myself, I have often found myself too busy for music production and all the other activities that come with being an artist. On the flip side, there are times when I have let music get in the way of other areas of my life.

So for the past several years I've been studying mindset, productivity, and time management techniques to help me have more time for making house music -- without it taking a huge toll on my family life and day job.

The things I've learned have been so helpful for me that I want to share them with you and help you along your own journey to making more music while growing an audience.

A guide for having more time for house music

As a starting point, I've created this free resource: "A Quick Guide to Having More Time for House Music (and Life)." The guide is a list of 5 simple steps you can take that will get you results as soon as today. It takes about 10 minutes to read through.

The guide suggests quick actions to help you become more effective with the time you have by assessing your purpose, auditing how you currently spend your time, and implementing simple productivity techniques.

Putting these steps into practice should take less than 90 minutes, and you can break them up into increments of 10 to 15 minutes. And if you get stuck, I'd be happy to get a on a call with you.

The guide includes an example "Music Production Checklist". This checklist will help you get more music made by breaking things down into "micro-tasks"... perfect for those times when you only have a spare 15 minutes to work on music.

Download the guide

The next step is to download the guide; just let me know what email address should I sent it to.

Will you let another six months or a year go by without finished tracks and without growing your audience to listen to your music? I firmly believe that everyone has something to contribute to the larger scene. The house music community needs your music.

By implementing these practices, you'll find that you have more time for making music and more consistent output.

When you sign up I'll send you weekly content about music production, productivity, music business, and sometimes free music.

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