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Jonathan Camargo, the creator of the Rhythm Republic YouTube channel, discusses his journey with house music and the inspiration behind his channel. He shares how his exposure to house music began in the early 90s through radio and record stores in Los Angeles. Jonathan also talks about his interest in DJing and his experiences working at a record store. He later moved to Las Vegas and witnessed the shift in the music scene there. Finally, he explains how he started Rhythm Republic and his focus on creating mixes that provide a listening experience for house music enthusiasts. In this conversation, Jonathan discusses his journey as a DJ and the creation of his YouTube channel, Rhythm Republic. He talks about the evolution of DJ equipment and techniques, from vinyl to digital controllers. Jonathan also shares his passion for finding and collecting rare tracks, and how he incorporates them into his mixes. He explains why he chose YouTube as the platform for his channel and the impact of visuals on the success of Rhythm Republic. He discusses the sense of community that has developed around his channel and his plans for the future, including expanding the brand beyond YouTube.


House music has a global audience and serves as a universal language that connects people from different cultures.

Record stores played a significant role in Jonathan’s journey with house music, allowing him to discover new tracks and learn about DJing.

The music scene in Las Vegas went through a transition from house music to a focus on hip hop and top 40 tracks.

Rhythm Republic was created to showcase the best of house music and provide a listening experience for its audience.

Improving mixing skills and investing in quality equipment are essential for creating high-quality mixes.