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Jesse Walker, a designer and DJ, shares his experiences in the house music scene, particularly in Salt Lake City and Vancouver. He discusses the challenges of liquor laws in Salt Lake City and the vibrant music scene that has emerged despite the restrictions. Jesse also talks about his involvement in the New City Movement, a party series aimed at promoting house music and techno. He emphasizes the importance of authenticity and community in the scene and offers advice for DJs trying to get booked. Jesse also reflects on the changes he has witnessed in the house music scene over the years. The conversation covers topics such as the house music community, mentoring young DJs, the Neon Rodeo project, the Frankie Knuckles exhibit by University of Utah students, and the central message of staying connected to the essence of house music.


Despite challenges with liquor laws, the Salt Lake City music scene has remained vibrant and diverse.

Authenticity and community are key in the house music scene.

Promoting events requires perseverance and a commitment to supporting other artists and events.

The house music scene has seen cycles of revival and evolution, with different subgenres gaining popularity at different times.

Transitioning to a new city requires getting involved in the local scene and building connections. House music creates an instant community that is accessible through various platforms.

Mentoring younger DJs is an exciting way to contribute to the growth of the music scene.

The Neon Rodeo project is an evolving labor of love that aims to incorporate art and interactive installations.

The Frankie Knuckles exhibit at the University of Utah celebrated the history of dance music and raised funds for the Frankie Knuckles Foundation.

The central message is to always stay connected to the initial transcendent experience that drew you to house music.